2 days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet Shameka Blake from Artists in Motion

Apr. 27, 2021

2 days until #DanceWeekend21! Meet Shameka Blake, founder of Artists in Motion (AIM)! AIM is a multi-disciplinary dance company, that bridges cultural and societal gaps by bringing different styles of dance under the same roof. Shameka will be teaching a Hip Hop workshop Sunday May 2 that will focuse on textures, rhythm and intention Sunday May 2 at 11:15am.

Get your ticket to DanceWeekend'21: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/danceweekend21-tickets-149965399547?aff= #ComeDanceWithUs


Can you tell us little bit about yourself/your company/collective/school?

As an artist, I am committed to shedding light on current events and issues of social justice. I am dedicated to the exponential growth of dance and the arts throughout Canada.


What will you be sharing at DanceWeekend’21?

Hip Hop Choreography Workshop-Open Level. 

Exploring movement based in street dance styles. Focusing on textures, rhythm and intention.


How has the pandemic shifted your work as a professional dance artist?

Adapting to online platforms for rehearsals, teaching and performances left me feeling disconnected from the world. It has been a difficult transition to say the least. 90% of my contracts were cancelled or postponed which made embracing this change and shifting my perspective felt almost impossible at times. 


Please share what you are most looking forward to at Dance Ontario’s first virtual DanceWeekend?

Re-connecting with the dance community.  Seeing new and familiar faces and appreciating dance in a new space. 


Do you have any up-coming performances/workshops/events you would like to share?

Feb 2022 Ashes Dance Production- examines the struggles and celebrates the triumphs of the peoples of the African Diaspora, through an exploration of the "Black Experience.”


In 1 or 2 sentences, what does dance mean to you?

 Dance allows me to tap into what’s at the seat of my soul.