Case for Basic Income for the Arts

Jul. 22, 2020


75,000 Canadian artists unite: It’s time for a basic income. 
Today, artists, writers, technicians and performers are calling on Prime Minister Trudeau to create a permanent basic income guarantee. 

“A Public Letter from the Arts Community for a Basic Income Guarantee” 

Join the co-authors of the public letter at the webinar The Case for Basic Income for the Arts, on July 29th, at 2pm EST, hosted by Basic Income Calgary and Ontario Basic Income Network. Register here.
The pandemic's wrath on lives has been swift. Millions are still out of work, venues shuttered, and livelihoods lost. In this new precarious reality, poverty can become a reality for all of us, abruptly, without warning.  

“As stakeholders of the arts and culture sector, we ask you to give Canadians the chance not only to survive, but to live.”  
“A Basic Income Guarantee would build on existing programs, including CERB, and provide financial security to meet people’s basic needs, regardless of their work status.” 

This public letter, signed and endorsed by many of the largest arts and culture organizations in Canada and many prominent talents [link to list], calls on the government to think outside the box and implement a “basic income program that guarantees an income floor to anyone in need.” 

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