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12 days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet Maxim Luca Bortnowski & Melanie Old

12 days until #DanceWeekend21! Meet Maxim Luca Bortnowski of maximalbstudio and Melanie Elysse Old of Melanie Old Dance Projects. Maxim is a professional photographer and videographer and Melanie is a professional dancer and choreographer. Their film collaboration M being presented at DanceWeekend21 is directed and edited by Maxim and choreographed and performed by Melanie.

Find out what it's all about - tune into our film series presentation on Fri April 30th.

#ComeDanceWithUs Read more here:

13 days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet Louis Laberge-Côté and Michael Caldwell

13 days until #DanceWeekend21! Meet Louis Laberge-Côté and Michael Caldwell: Toronto-based dance artists and life partners who occasionally explore their choreographic ideas collaboratively. Their short film Good morning, good night was concived during the pandemic and aims to share various conflicting sensations experienced while in lockdown. Tune in Apr 30 to watch the film and meet the pair, virtually! #ComeDanceWithUs Read more here:

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15 days until #DanceWeekend21!: Meet Emily Cheung

15 days until #DanceWeekend21! Meet Emily Cheung: Artist Director of LIttle Pear Garden Dance Company, a dance company which develops and promtes Chinese dance in Canada. 

At #DanceWeekend21 she will be sharing a Chinese contemporary dance as a preview to the full length repertoire being presented in Toronto in 2023. It tells a story of the most pressing current social issues through an abstract interpretation.

#ComeDanceWithUs Follow @littlepeargdc to learn more about thier Asian Dance form class offerings and their upcoming film! 


14 days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet Kylie Thompson

14 days until #DanceWeekend21! Meet Kylie Thompson. Since 2017, her company Kylie Thompson Dance has been the home of her creative works: collaborating with dance artists, filmmakers & designers and training emerging and professonial dancers. She'll be sharing her short dance visual created last 2020. November is a collaborative effort with filming and editing by Kylie and performance/improvisation by Geanderson Mello. "I've faced many challenges throught the pandemic but have also learned a lot and enjoyed building my skills as a filmaker and editor.

16 days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet Newton Moraes

16 days until #DanceWeekend21!

Meet Newton Moraes. His company, Newton Moraes Dance Theatre is dedicated to the creation of contemporary dance works to explore, maintain and develop the links between the arts of Canada and Latin America. "My vision is to provide an environment to support artists in the creation of innovative forms of artistic expression to reach the widest possible audience."

Join Newton's workshop on Sunday May 3rd at 3pm for an introduction to Afro-Brazilian dance which incorporates elements of both Brazilian and Contemporary Dance. 

19 Days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet Bageshree Vaze


Meet Bageshree Vaze: an Indo-Canadian dance artist who performs and choreographs in the style of Kathak, the North Indian art form that is a synthesis of movement, rhythm and music. "In my practice as a performer and as an engager of other artists (through my company @pratibhaarts) I strive to enhance the cultural fabric of Canada and help make visible art forms that are just as much Canadian as historically predominant European-based dance styles."

Meet Bageshree and learn more about Kathak technique by joining the #DanceWeekend21 workshop on May 2nd! #ComeDanceWithUs

17 days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet DW Artists Jennifer Robichaud and Jono Lawley

17 days until #DanceWeekend21!

Meet Jennifer Robichaud of Larchaud Dance and Jono Lawley of ELD Films. Together they've joined forces to create interdisciplinary work under the umbrella of ELDLDP. ELDLDP has created The Movement Monday Series: a creative collaboration of Jono’s initiative to produce a short dance film a week, and Jennifer’s enthusiasm to work collaboratively and site-specifically to create dance art.

The series will be presented at DanceWeekend21' on Fri Apr 30. 


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2 Days: Thank you to NOW magazine

Dance Ontario would like to send a huge THANK YOU to our DanceWeekend'20 sponsor, NOW magazine!

We are only 2 days away from DanceWeekend'20! See you Saturday and Sunday at the Fleck Dance Theatre, Harbourfront Centre!