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Transform Dance Report Released

Generator has shared the final report for Transform Dance, their pilot project looking at Transformative Justice approaches to workplace harassment in the Toronto dance community. 

Intersections of Care: Dance Artists & Caregiving

This year Peggy Baker, one of the most influential dancers and choreographers of her generation, celebrates 50 years of performing and creating extraordinary dance in Canada and around the world. Ms. Baker will present a new major production in the fall of 2022 and will then wind down her company, Peggy Baker Dance Projects, in 2023.

7 days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet Jose Carret!
7 days until #DanceWeekend21! Meet Jose Carret: Cuban born award winning choreographer, principle dancer and educator, with more than 60 works created and performed in Canada and around the world. "Since I moved to Canada my goal has been to share my Cuban Heritage with the Canadian dance scene." 
16 days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet Newton Moraes

16 days until #DanceWeekend21!

Meet Newton Moraes. His company, Newton Moraes Dance Theatre is dedicated to the creation of contemporary dance works to explore, maintain and develop the links between the arts of Canada and Latin America. "My vision is to provide an environment to support artists in the creation of innovative forms of artistic expression to reach the widest possible audience."

19 Days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet Bageshree Vaze


Meet Bageshree Vaze: an Indo-Canadian dance artist who performs and choreographs in the style of Kathak, the North Indian art form that is a synthesis of movement, rhythm and music. "In my practice as a performer and as an engager of other artists (through my company @pratibhaarts) I strive to enhance the cultural fabric of Canada and help make visible art forms that are just as much Canadian as historically predominant European-based dance styles."

Meet Bageshree and learn more about Kathak technique by joining the #DanceWeekend21 workshop on May 2nd! #ComeDanceWithUs

17 days until #DanceWeekend21: Meet DW Artists Jennifer Robichaud and Jono Lawley

17 days until #DanceWeekend21!

Meet Jennifer Robichaud of Larchaud Dance and Jono Lawley of ELD Films. Together they've joined forces to create interdisciplinary work under the umbrella of ELDLDP. ELDLDP has created The Movement Monday Series: a creative collaboration of Jono’s initiative to produce a short dance film a week, and Jennifer’s enthusiasm to work collaboratively and site-specifically to create dance art.

The series will be presented at DanceWeekend21' on Fri Apr 30. 


The Ontario government announced the 2021 Budget Ontario's Action Plan: Protecting People's Health and Our Economy on Wednesday, March 24th
DanceON Series : Cash Flow for Creatives

DanceON Series

Cash Flow for Creatives with Jennifer Wan

The Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) team at Canadian Heritage’s Ontario Regional office invites you to participate in our upcoming series of town halls.