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Memberships Fees and Categories

Group - $80 (companies, studios, schools & association who work in the field of dance)

Individual - $40 (members who make their career in a dance profession)

Affiliate - $25 (those affiliated with an existing member group of Dance Ontario - not included in listings)

Associate - $25 (those interested in dance but who do not make dance their profession - not included in listings)

Student - $10 (those under 24 years of age and are attending school full time - not included in listings)

SOCAN - $90 (added to your individual membership fee) license under Tariff 19 (physical exercise and dance instruction)

This covers the use of recorded music for dance and fitness classes for 1 year wherever that individual is teaching.

Membership Benefits

  • Promotion of Member Performances and Events on the Web and through the Dance Ontario E-Newsletter
  • Referrals through our Hot Line and website for classes, professional schools and management/production services
  • Listing in Dance Directory and Directory on the Web
  • Opportunities for profile features on the Web Site
  • Opportunity to be commissioned for DanceWeekend
  • Opportunity to be showcased as part of the Dance Ontario Dance Weekend Opportunity to be invited to partner in some of Dance Ontario Activities
  • Access to Anti-Racism, Access Policy and Human Rights Policy Procedures
  • Access to enhanced insurance benefits through Front Row Insurance Inc.
  • Access to our negotiated SOCAN licensing fee (for teachers using copyrighted music) of $90 including HST. 

By becoming a member you support the multiple activities that Dance Ontario undertakes that benefit all dance practitioners throughout the province.

Dance Ontario advocates independently as well as through PASO-OPSA Coalition of Arts Service Organizations and Ontarians for the Arts (OftA).


How to Become a Member

Register online now OR download the application form

If you complete the downloadable application - fill the application form and mail it along with membership fee cheque to:

Dance Ontario Association

The Distillery District

15 Case Goods Lane, Ste 304

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

M5A 3C4

Tel: 416. 204 1083

Fax: 416. 204 1085

E-mail contact@danceontario.ca