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Creative Practice for Contemporary Dance Online 2021

This six-day online workshop brings together emerging choreographers interested in broadening their understanding of choreographic thinking, and mid-career makers looking to refresh their practice in an environment of shared learning.

The goal of the workshop is to bring our intuitive knowledge and curiosity into an easy dialogue with our critical minds.

Kaeja d'Dance's Moving Connections Online - Spring Session



Accessible to people of all ages, bodies and abilities - no dance experience required!

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April Break Intensive

April 12 - 15, 2021

The Black Lindy Hoppers Fund presents

Jazz Dance Intensive with Natasha Powell

Awakening the Body's Voice

Awakening the Body's Voice

Co-presented by the Moving Voice Institute, Legacy Voice and lbs/sq” performance.

Join us in a series of voice & movement workshops led by North America’s most exceptional performance educators on five Saturdays in May!

Teachers and students have the opportunity to attend virtual workshops offered on OSSDF social media beginning in September 2020 upon payment of their Registration fees. Specific workshop information announcing leaders and dance style opportunities will be provided on our social media. Workshops will be taught by a variety of dance artists/ professionals and DANCEFEST Alumni. Each workshop is accompanied with lesson plans, assignments, lectures and virtual dance classes that can be edited to suit the grade and level of the students.

Cash Flow for Creatives

Join us for, “Cash Flow for Creatives,” a hands-on workshop with Jennifer Wan that will set you up for financial success. 


March 10th, 2021, from 11:00am to 12:30pm Naomi Martin from Six Nations will be providing an education session on Traditional Haudenosaunee Dance and Music and it is open to all people FREE.
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New Composition by Issam Houshan

Choreography by Yasmina Ramzy

DanceON Series: Indigenous Awareness 101 Education Session with Maria Montejo

Miss being able to learn and connect with your peers? We do too. Which is why we’re hosting Monthly Community Workshops as a part of the 2021 DanceON Series. We believe that being able to hear from other artists and industry professionals is crucial to the development and growth of all dancers.