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Be in-process alongside the Company in residence at Kaatsbaan Cultural Park


December 1 – 19, 2020


3-Week, All-Access Pass: $200

Weekly Company Class Pass: $75

Company Class Drop-ins: $15


All-Access Pass includes:
Company Class (Limón - Ballet - Contemporary)

Invite-only Rehearsals | Q & A Panel
Pre-Show Behind-the-Scenes Streaming

Live Stream Performance

Weekly Company Class Pass:

Pick any of the three weeks: Dec. 1-5, 8-12, 15-19


Company Class Drop-ins:

across abilities, generations, heritage, gender  

5 Minutes to Change the World Cabaret

COVID has changed how we work.  But art can change how we think.

Standing in the shards of the past and wading through the post-pandemic possibility, Springboard Performance asks Calgary movement artists we admire to change the world - in 5-7 minutes - for our digital cabaret.

Featuring Meghann Michalsky, Mike Czuba, Lauren Brady, Kyra Newton, Kaja Irwin, Heather Ware, Rebecca Burton, Jocelyn Mah, Cindy Ansah, Tiara Matusin, Mpoe Mogale, and Jamie Tognazzini (MC).

Sooryu Dance Festival On-line Workshop



NuDanCE Classes are online!

Donate to Participate - pay what you can, suggested donation $5CAD

Once you donate, you will receive your Zoom link right away.

International Winter Virtual Workshops TEADE 2020

JOIN US FOR OUR INTERNATIONAL WINTER VIRTUAL DANCE WORKSHOPS TEADE 2020 ( Saturdays and Sundays 10:00am-2:00 pm Eastern Canada Time ) These workshops are introductory master classes towards our WINTER VIRTUAL INTENSIVE TEADE 2020 ( December 16-20) and a second virtual workshops series following our virtual summer intensive(Virtual IX TEADE 2020 July 13-18,2020) a first virtual version of our International Dance Intensive in Cuba TEADE, that takes place for a week in the city of Matanzas since 2011.

Music and Dance Around the World

This workshop is designed for students ages 4 to 12.  The interactive content enriches, supports and satisfies portions of the Ontario Music and Dance Currculum for Kindergarten to grade 8.

This fun workshop is presented by Jim Arnold, owner of Folklore Music & Arts.  Students will interact online as they experience music and dance from China, India, Africa, the Middle East, Russia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean.   Ask Jim for references and testimonials.  This workshop has been presented in elementary schools for the past ten years.




Virtual Flamenco Classes

Ritmo Flamenco offers virtual classes in flamenco dance for Beginners up to Advanced Levels.  Led by Artistic Director Valerie Scannura, these classes will get you moving and enjoying the art of flamenco dance.  Enjoy these classes with live flamenco guitar accompaniment.  Rates vary but the usually each class is $10 so book your spot by emailing or visit